Ashton Irwin - Best Tweets (Part 3)



things the 5sos fam are never getting:

  • 5sos vs. food 2
  • the return of derpball
  • teenage queen 

5 Seconds of Summer visit The Elvis Duran Z100 // 21 July 2014


I was casually going through the bajillion pictures I have on my computer and I found this picture. I saved it as “never forget” because I always like to be reminded about this once in a while… So if you are having a bad day, remember this because this was the cutest thing ever

Anatomy of songs [insp]

"What would you say to a talking cow?"


Tadpoles are baby turtles…dammit they’re mosquitoes aren’t they? —Ashton Irwin the only member of 5SOS that actually graduated high school (via 5saucefeels)